Soft Look / Soft Bokeh

I get a lot of questions about how I create or get my soft look around my subject.

The simple answer is I use the things around me. In these pictures down here I used leaves/branches to create soft bokeh. Of course you can use other things like paper, grass, lights and many more! Play with the depth between your object and the lens, and play with different angles to create different shots.

Here I held the leaves with my hand. It is a bit tricky because you have only two hands. So, I put my camera on the ground and focused manually on the subject (mushroom) and held one finger on the shutter button. I used my other hand and played around with the leaves to create the perfect shot.

TIP: Shoot more than one picture, don’t be scared to hold the shutter button and shoot 20 pictures of the same subject. And while you shoot change your angles and depth.

Of course you can use a tripod to make it more easy for yourself. Creativity is unlimited right!?

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